Saturday, 23 May 2015


At school we have learnt three different new experiments... Paper and Card helicopters, mini parachutes, a balloon rocket and even seeing a big model plane being driven around the school field. Through out our experiments be conducted a fair test while changing one variable. So we did 2-3 tests on each experiment testing them exactly the same apart from one thing different on one of the tests. We wrote down what we thought would happen (hypothesis/prediction)and what you would you would need to make it then we observed which one worked better. After that we drew a labeled diagram and a conclusion which tells you if the hypothesis was correct or not!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Anzac Writing

At school we have been writing a explanation about Anzac Day. The first paragraph is a INTRODUCTION, the next is about WHY we celebrate Anzac Day, the third paragraph is about HOW we celebrate it, and the last one is about OTHER INTERESTING FACTS.
This is my plan...
This is the WALT...

Reading book>>Training for Success

I am reading a book called 'Training for Success'. Phoebe Edwards is sixteen and is a naturally fast and has a personal best of 1.75 m high in high jump and a personal best of 5.6 m long in long jump she has a encouraging coach Mike Richie. For the two of them it's a combination of observing and measuring her performance and constantly working on improving her technique.

ONE of my maths strategies I have learnt

WALT: Round Decimal numbers, then use in addition

The strategy I used is rounding and compensating and I used that to get my answer

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Swimming Lessons with Room 10

At School we did swimming lessons at starfish swim school. We were first observed by Laurie the head instructor for our freestyle to find out which lane we would be taught in. Then I went to the furthest lane (top) and learn some swimming skills. We arrived at swimming everyday for two weeks.
I was most sucessful at swimming... with my freestyle
I still need to work on... demonstrating correct arm movements while doing breast stroke
I enjoyed... my leg movements while doing breaststroke the most

Self portraits

WHAT: We painted a self portrait of ourselves


NOW WHAT: My next step is to add more detail and be more creative with my art and also line up my features in a straight/realistic position