Friday, 27 March 2015

Art Workshops

At school we get art workshops. When we had our first art workshop we drew a portrait of Ma A Nonu! Some things he shared with us to make it more alive were ...
Light     to see were the light is coming from to make it more realistic
Tone    where the light is coming from is where you could tone lightly
Shape   if the head is a circle then it doesn't look real because  no ones head is a circle
Lines    maybe for the eyes use thin lines but for the hair or hair out line  you could use thick ones
Colour   we did not add colour but that would of made it more effective
Shading   shading is sort of like colouring in except you hold your shading pencil side ways
I think I am at relational with taxonomy because I know all the elements, where , and why we use them.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Animal Reports

In class we are learning how to make animal reports. Your first paragraph should be about the animal classification (e.g what animal family)and who its relatives are. The second paragraph should include the animals body description and special features, maybe even what the special features do. After that paragraph this next one needs to be about how your animal hunts, its lifespan and how it lives. Last but not least, you need to make another paragraph full of facts that you haven't already mentioned in the others. We get our information from books from our school library or we use wikipedia / national geographic kids. First we had to do our reading group animal but now we get a choice of our own and I chose a vampire bat because that was the first book i pulled out from the library when we went there.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Run Bike Run

Well done to all of the contestants. I would like to thank Grace and Sophie for kindly accepting me into their team at such late notice ( due to my other team difficulties ). I did the first run, Sophie did the bike and grace did the last run. We all tried our best and at the end I realised that I could of done individual! I really enjoyed it and it was a fun change to where we usually compete.

Monday, 23 March 2015

My Statistics Learning

At school we have been focusing on statistics. We have been learning lots of graphs such as bar graphs, line graphs, picture graphs and pie charts! We also had to ask the class for their opinion on a chart and make tally marks then we turned it into a fraction. One of the graphs we had to make involved things like a title, a labled axis with amounts, a labled axis with options and some also had a key to show what they meant. An example of one of the graphs we made was which month was your birthday in and three sentences about what your results were e.g I found out that most people in the class had their birthdays in march! This is an example of a bar graph...
(P.S not finished)

Friday, 20 March 2015

My Egg Journey

My Egg Sitting Challenge
At school we had a KOS activity challenge, which was to look after an egg for 4 days. We had to be a full time caregiver which meant we had to take it everywhere or find an egg sitter. We had to look after an egg because it can break easily, it's fragile and it's tempting to break! I accidentally broke Candices egg so I gave her mine and told Mr Hillary,then he said I could bring a new one because it is about learning from your mistakes so I looked after that one more carefully until the challenge finished!!!

Friday, 6 March 2015

Room 10 2015

3 things I have enjoyed so far for 2015... 

1. Fitness 
because of all the new fitness games we have learnt especially ANIMAL SURVIVAL!!!!

2. SML (Self Managing Learning) 
because it gives you a chance to be responsible for completing tasks.

3. Swimming 
because it's fun, exciting and we get to do it with our friends