Friday, 27 March 2015

Art Workshops

At school we get art workshops. When we had our first art workshop we drew a portrait of Ma A Nonu! Some things he shared with us to make it more alive were ...
Light     to see were the light is coming from to make it more realistic
Tone    where the light is coming from is where you could tone lightly
Shape   if the head is a circle then it doesn't look real because  no ones head is a circle
Lines    maybe for the eyes use thin lines but for the hair or hair out line  you could use thick ones
Colour   we did not add colour but that would of made it more effective
Shading   shading is sort of like colouring in except you hold your shading pencil side ways
I think I am at relational with taxonomy because I know all the elements, where , and why we use them.

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