Thursday, 30 July 2015

Passion Project Questioning

What: We have been learning about Questioning. We then framed open and closed questions based on my passion project. My topic is...
Grace Rasmussen and Kesha Grant, they are both netball players. Grace plays wing attack (WA) for the Silver Ferns (NZ netball team) and Kesha plays WA for the Tactix (Canterbury netball team).
So What: Our class had to come up with several questions about the character. Then we have to find out the answers to the questions. We had to come up with open questions and closed questions. Open questions always have a long answer or asks someones opinion. Closed questions always have an answer one word long or usually yes or no. My questions share whether they are closed or open and they are...

* How old were you when you started playing netball? Closed
* What teams/clubs have you previously played in? Open
* Why do you like netball? Open
* Do you play any other positions other than WA, and if so what are they? Open
* What is the hardest thing for you in netball and why? Open
Now What: My next step is to ask a variety of questions about the past, present and future.

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  1. great use of bullet points. Nice slope and boldness. Next step.... take a photo of your work and explain it.